Hula Paradiso Publications Inc.

The Adventures of Jenny and the Clam

The Adventures of Jenny and the Clam is our 128-page, 8.5 x 11-inch hardcover book with vibrant,
full-color illustrations.
Our vivid, fantastical story
is full of joy and birthday celebration!
Please enjoy our lyrical rhyme, rhythm, dance
and pages which are full of exploration.
Actor/Author/Artist Nico Tortorella wrote our Foreword.
The visuals are born from Julie Edwards’s creative imagination.
The Writer Jenny wrote the words,
and this press release invitation.
Come join our party today full of cheer and jubilation!

We welcome you to read our one-of-a-kind story,
celebrating self-identity, life, confidence, and self-esteem.
Our protagonist Jenny meets Signore Nicolo Di Clamo on a beach captivated by his special Italian gleam.

The Tutti Band plays their catchy songs, which keep our story flowing.
Every chapter is a new adventure as Jenny explores her spirit and keeps growing.

The Adventures of Jenny and the Clam is for readers who enjoy life’s celebrations.
Rainbows, butterflies, dolphins, and mermaids dazzle the pages in various incarnations.
For readers who love poetic rhyme, while words ebb and flow.
For adventurers always learning from the places they will go.
For those who feel unfulfilled just being themself
and need affirmation that being your authentic you is optimum for positive mental health.
For those who dream and love and hope and never tire to aspire.
For all who keep wonderful memories like sacred pearls, which fuel your heart’s desire.
For your Soul Family and my fellow Starseeds
who know there is so much more than what our five senses do perceive.
For girls, boys, old, young and all in the Space Between.
For those who believe in the power of positive affirmations and are brave enough to dream.
For all readers who celebrate the Sacred Feminine Divine.
For mentors and students and hearts that align.
For the reader who believes and will try.
For the one who sees rainbows of courage in the tear of an eye.
For you, our reader, please hurry, take a look.
Then add The Adventures of Jenny and the Clam, forever, as your family’s cherished library celebratory gift book.
For readers who follow their heart
with intentions bold and true.
All of what I have written.
all of it is you.

Buon Compleanno!

Happy Birthday every day!!


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