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Read what readers say about - The Adventures of Jenny with the Clam.

“A molluscan tour de force. Written with comprehensive care, and illustrated with love, a story of personal discovery celebrating each child’s unique self, and the adventure that awaits every day. Follow your flutter!”

“We love your book, its insightful, whimsical, teaching and preaching in a positive way…all the love, thought, care and emotion in every page of the story…”

“A truly wonderful book! It is unlike any other book I’ve read! Great messages and inspirations for children and adults alike! The illustrations are enchanting. Get this book…it will be read and enjoyed over and over again. This book will feed your heart, mind, and soul!”

“…touching story…a beautiful message…”

“Amazing, beautiful book… Brought so much joy to my day and memories of growing up.”

“It is a marvel.”

“Beautiful, powerful, adventurous, whimsical, playful, intelligent…something to be cherished!”

“Fine quality.  The words. The illustrations. How the book feels in your hand. Wonderful.”

“The book is gorgeous!”